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Als Team fahren wir von Prag durch den Iran, einige *-stan Länder und die Mongolei zum Baikalsee. ca. 16.000km durch knapp 20 Länder. Natürlich steht der Spaß für uns privat im Vordergrund, aber wir sammeln auch für Cool Earth!

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Hi @all,

as some of you might recognized two friends of mine and I are doing the Mongol Rally this year from July till September.

As team --> | | we not only fulfill a long dream of traveling half around the world in a (tiny, old, sh*ty) car but also donate for two good charity projects.

The first is "Cool Earth" which fights among other things the deforestation of the rain forest... because even tho some well-know people call it fake news... the global warming will hunt mankind down, sooner or later if we won't fight back!
It is an ambitious but possible goal of 600€.

Help the team! Help mankind! Help yourself! Donate now!

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