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Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi campaña de recaudación de fondos para CoolEarth como parte del Mongol Rally 2019. Os explico de que va esta ONG. Ellos se dedican a luchar contra el cambio climático salvando bosques y selvas de la deforestación masiva. Para ello, colaboran mano a mano con poblaciones indígenas locales, verdaderos conocedores del problema de la deforestación y principales afectados. Estos proyectos se centran principalmente en el Amazonas, parte Peruana; África y Asia. Si quieres colaborar y ayudarme a recaudar para esta causa lo puedes hacer siguiendo las instrucciones más abajo. Muchas gracias :) Hello everyone and welcome to my Mongol Rally fund raising campaign. This year I have decided to sign for the 2019 edition of the Mongol Rally and I am doing it in a 125 cc motorcycle.For those of you who don't know about it, the Mongol rally is a charity event that goes from Prague, until Ulan Ude in Russia, passing through Mongolia of course (used to end there, now for logistical easyness has moved a bit up north).There are no set rules for this rally other than it starts in Prague, although I am doing a 1800 Km extra from Spain, and ends in Ulan Ude. You can pretty much choose which way to go and since it is not a race people decide to explore in as much as they can. In my case, I will be doing the central route passing through Turkey, bordering the Caspian and then based on how much time I have left, decide if its worth covering more or less countries. The Mongol rally is all about charity. These guys work head to head with an NGO called Cool Earth fighting against climate change and deforestation all around the world. Not only that, they also work closely with its inhabitants, the ones who care the most and of course mostly affected by this phenomenon. I thank you in advance to all of you who decide to collaborate with me on this campaign ?

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