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You may think that we are BRAVE, but you can be brave with us. Brave comes from Bravo, which means "Good". We are good at doing this, and this is probably the only thing we are good at. The brave man is simply that person possessing enough courage to deal with fear without flinching. Fear of others in this particular case. This world may need people with the fear of snakes, of guns, of falling from a skyscraper, of high insuperable walls, but doesn't need people with the fear of others. Be brave with us. For a better world, Be Brave with us.

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Join us in our epic journey from the Czech Republic until the Siberian town of Ulan Ude in Russia.

Through the Mongol Rally we will fight to make the world less boring and less divided by walls. And, with your help, we will give support to the many projects conducted by Cool Earth!

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