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Creating unique relationships and community bonds like no other is what we've always been about. It’s also what Cool Earth has always been about. They partner with local communities to empower THEM to protect their own rainforests. Encouraging living and working in different cities around the world is part of an immersive cultural and community experience. Unfortunately, it does come with a hefty price tag for the planet.That's why we've teamed up with Cool Earth to mitigate the emissions generated by travel in our Mandala community. For as little as $5 you could be protecting 15 rainforest trees a month, locking up to 17 tonnes of CO2. And with a monthly donation of $19.25, you could protect an entire acre of rainforest in the space of a 4-month program or 3 acres over the course of a year with RY! One acre alone protects 240 trees and equates to 260 tonnes of CO2 locked in. Awesome!

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