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Bart en Nonja saving trees

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In less than a month Nonja and Bart are going to drive an autorickshaw, or "TukTuk", almost 3000 km through India. This might sound stupid, but of course it's also a great adventure!!! However, we don't just want to have an adventure and annoy the Indian people by being tourist. We also want to add a little bit more meaningful aspect to our trip. That's why we combine it with collecting money for CoolEarth. Why? Because they save trees. Trees are cool. We all know that. They provide oxygen and have all other kinds of benefits for nature and us humans. Next to that, rainforests are beautiful!! So let's save them! CoolEarth does exactly that, without all kinds of shady in-between organisations. Every penny helps to make the world a little bit better. Will you help? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Bart and Nonja.

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