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Universal Zealot Alliance ( UZA )

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Pete and Ian are crisscrossing 1000 miles of the fabulous Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in a fantastic 145cc, 9 horsepower tuk-tuk(autorickshaw). As luxurious as this promises to be there may be a few pitfalls due to this surprising and perhaps questionable, choice of transport. Very little planning on our part has gone into this hair brained scheme, however, we are not without purpose. We need to raise money and awareness to save a bit of our planet for those that follow. On our adventure we will be creating a treasure map, for several young people who we have in mind, ages 1 to 8 in hopes they will be willing and able to appreciate this kind of adventure when their time comes.

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In hopes this will pull at the heart strings of those concerned, We truly hope you can take this opportunity to contribute just a bit to help preserve the beautiful world we all live in and enjoy so much.
The next generation should be able to enjoy life on this planet as much or more than us. We do owe them that.

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