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Kimmy/Lucas Peru Monkey Run

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Back in December, we came arcoss the Monkey Run - 1000km race across the Peruvian Jungle, on child-sized motorbikes (monkey bikes). There is no route beyond start/finish locations, and no support - which sounded like a great idea at the time.

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Once again, the event is also an opportunity to promote the mission of Cool Earth - fighting against deforestation in places like Peru. What they do differently, is donate directly to affected villages, empowering them to make a stand against it.

Quick research shows they're legit:

-Cool Earth is one of three bodies supporting The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, a project launched in 2015 to preserve and promote forested areas throughout the Commonwealth.

- Charity of the Year award in 2015, and have Sir David Attenborough among backers. Or so wikipedia says:

...and cost effective:

"In 2016, a detailed external evaluation of Cool Earth was undertaken by "Giving What We Can" [24] which found Cool Earth to be the most cost-effective charity working on mitigating climate change through direct action. The report concluded: "Cool Earth is overall the most cost-effective climate change charity which can reliably reduce emissions without risk."

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