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Adamastor Mongol Rally Team 2019

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We are the Adamastor team and we are going to participate in the Mongol Rally 2019, the craziest race in the world! With our VW Polo 1.0 Steilheck of 1988 - the oldest member of the team - we leave Lisbon and hopefully arrive safe to Ulan Ude, Russia. It will be more than 15,000km, 15 countries, between mountains, deserts and war zones. What do we seek from this experience? Live a great adventure and help Cool earth. Our name, Adamastor, for those who do not know, is due to the mythical giant of Greco-Roman mythology, referred by Luís de Camões in "Os Lusíadas". In the form of a storm, he represented the forces of nature, threatening to ruin anyone who tried to bend the Cape of Good Hope and penetrate the Indian Ocean. So get ready! With this name and with our pioneering Portuguese spirit, nobody will stop us!

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Nuno Vieira | A + | 1989

I have a lot of willpower and I like to accomplish the goals I set. I'm persistent and I do not like to leave things in the middle. I am cheerful, outgoing and like to convey all this good disposition to other people. I like to test myself and live new challenges.
Strong point: Guidance without GPS
Weakness: Stubbornness

Vitor Nunes | A- | 1990

I bring to this team my resilience and the persistence of solving any problem that arises even when it seems that there is no way out. I work better under pressure, and I believe there will be no problem that I can not "dig". I love the feel of the unknown and I hope this rally will bring me that and put my innovation capabilities to the test.
Strong point: Draw "MacGyver".
Weakness: Bad mood

We will use all our travel, survival and mechanic skills and experience to complete the rally, but we need everyone's help to achieve our main goal: to raise 1000 pounds for Coolearth!

The giant Adamastor thanks and gives back with a piece of our Portuguese culture:

"Adamastor cruel!... De teus furores
Quantas vezes me lembro horrorizado!
Ó monstro! Quantas vezes tens tragado
Do soberbo Oriente dos domadores!
Parece-me que entregue a vis traidores
Estou vendo Sepúlveda afamado,
Com a esposa, e com os filhinhos abraçado
Qual Mavorte com Vênus e os Amores.
Parece-me que vejo o triste esposo,
Perdida a tenra prole e a bela dama,
Às garras dos leões correr furioso.
Bem te vingaste em nós do afouto Gama!
Pelos nossos desastres és famoso:
Maldito Adamastor! Maldita fama!"

In English:

"Adamastor cruel! ... Of your fury
How many times I remember in horror!
The monster! How many times have you swallowed
From the proud East of the tamers!
It seems to me that he has betrayed
I am seeing Sepúlveda famous,
With the wife, and with the little children embraced
Which Mavorte with Venus and the Loves.
It seems to me that I see the sad husband,
Lost the tender offspring and the beautiful lady,
To the claws of the lions run furious.
Well you took revenge on us from afouto Range!
By our disasters you are famous:
Damn Adamastor! Damn fame!"

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