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Mongol Rally 2019

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76% of Goal

Can you imagine driving more than 15,000km across deserts topping 46C, ascending 4644m-high mountain ranges, and through strictly maintained border crossings, in your great grannie’s 1.0L buzz-box that hasn’t tackled more than a supermarket carpark at 4:30pm on Christmas Eve? No, well, let’s be honest, we’re not so sure how this hair brained idea will pan out either... Nevertheless, we are not the type of gals to shy away from a challenge! So, sign up to the 2019 Mongol Rally we did. Deemed the pinnacle of motoring stupidity, this monumental trip is set to reiterate our immensely minimal mechanical abilities, test our bartering skills with shady traffic cops, and assess our mental stamina and overall degree of sanity. Then again, we couldn’t think of anything better than an adventure that forces us to cut away the bubble wrap, and say a big fat ‘no’ to the status quo. Better still, we’ll be doing it all for an awesome cause! To say thanks to Mother Earth for providing the playground we hope to raise a minimum £1000 for Cool Earth, and contribute to the marvelous work they do with indigenous communities world-wide to halt rainforest deforestation and its impact on climate change. Be sure to explore their website here to gain a better understanding of the significant impact they are creating; we think it’s pretty cool stuff and wouldn’t be able to do it justice in this short blurb. We would love if you could help us achieve this fundraising goal, coz lets be real, even if we don’t successfully captain our unassuming steed from the UK to Mongolia, and onwards to the finish line in the Siberian town of Ulan-Ude within the assigned 8-week timeframe, at least the whole thing was not in vein. Thankyou, we really appreciate your contribution

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