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Soph and Whipp’s Romanian Monkey Run snafu

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I’m about to hot-foot it into Mum’s bad books thanks to an off-the-cuff decision to head to Romania to dodge bears and become acquainted with the local gypsy population, all while riding tiny motorbikes from one end of the country to the other. Top speed: 50km/h That’s right, Andrew and I will be donning our leathers in June 2019, and setting off on a week-long mission to check out what Jeremy Clarkson described as “the best road in the world”. (He also referred to it as ‘Borat country’ but that’s another story for another day) Currently our working team name is Two Stroke Devils - a nod to our Tasmanian roots and a bid to sound far more biker than either of us has a right to. Apart from a hot minute down a YouTube rabbit hole, our combined motorcycle experience is zip. So, why are we gearing up to no doubt lose some skin and get lost while riding the world’s most impractical mode of transport over 1000km? Mostly for the lols, but also to raise some cold hard cash for a few of our chosen charities: Cool Earth, which aims to help combat our beautiful earth’s biggest foe—climate change. And Foodbank, an Aussie charity which provides meals to those far less fortunate than Whipp and I. You can read a little more about the amazing things both of these charities are doing, here and here. So we’re off saving the world. And if you’ve got some spare change laying around, we’d love to help lighten your pockets. We really appreciate anything you can spare, because it makes riding these tiny torture-bikes far more worth it. There’ll be good karma and plenty of videos of us handling 48cc of raw power coming your way. With no plan, no skills, no sense of direction, and currently no travel insurance, it should be a blast. Soph & Andrew

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