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Rickshaw January 2020

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Jack lives in Australia and Graham lives in the UK. Both have a passion for the earth and want to make a difference but that's easier said then done. So how can they both, together, prove their dedication and make that huge effort needed to make that difference? They decided to join the Adventurists. The challenge is to meet together in Jaisalmer (already a challenge for home comforts boy Graham) and travel south to Kochi in only a Tuk Tuk and their wits with in 14 days. There is no help, no support and no spare thongs for Jack. They must not get lost in a country they have never been too, that has a language neither of them speak. If they don't make that airport to get back home on time, their wives are gonna be suspicious. This event is happening from the 1st of January 2020 and MUST END by the 15th of January 2020.

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Both Jack and I want to do more and show others that everyone can make a difference. EVERY SMALL CONTRIBUTIONS HELP. But the more the better.


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