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Tommaso, Simone and Azelarab. A portrait of modern Italy. Sardinian, Calabrese and Moroccan origins. Different passions and professions but the same big dream: to Save the World, and try to do it by crossing it. For this reason we have decided to partecipate to the Mongol Rally, the most famous charity rally in the world, and the most funny one. The charity rally that through the goliardia has collected more than 7 million dollars in charity donations. As we are Italians, we have decided to play the card of the international stereotype: at the Mongol Rally we will bring just her, our beloved , patriotic, recognizable at any latitude, immortal Pasta. For this we founded the Pastafarian Team, the only team that besides running the Mongol Rally 2019, it will cook it. 22 traditional recipes for 22 countries. This is our goal. But what the Mongol Rally is? It is the most famous and followed Charity Run in the world. And at this point the following question will be: What is a Charity Run? Well, a Charity Run is a non-profit charity event, which aims to finance local, national or international charity projects. However, as in our case, most of the Charity Runs are motor racing born along the lines of official Rally Raids such as Paris-Dakar. The purpose of every crew taking part in a Charity Run is to collect an amount of money to finance charity partners through sponsorships and / or individual contributions from their supporters.

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COOL EARTH is the official partner association of the Mongol Rally as well as the organizers The Adventurists.

The association deals with the preservation of rainforests around the
world, with Projects in Peru, the Democratic Republic of Congo and in
the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

And most important, it does so through a unique approach:
financing the local communities that live in areas subject to massive
deforestation, developing with them lasting partnerships that aim at
the construction of infrastructures, schools, wells, increasing the
productivity of agricultural land in order to increase the quality of life,
so that the local inhabitants are pushed not to have to bend to the
pressures of the timber industries, not allowing them to exploit
woodlands on their lands. This approach has led to the rescue of a
million acres of virgin forest, for a total more than 212 million trees.


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