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Monkey Run

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January 1st: We begin the ride from Marrakech to an unknown location in the desert over the following week. This journey will be undertaken on motorcycles that can only be described as barely fit for a small child, the Monkey Bike. This voyage will take us through the dunes of the Sahara, across the peaks of the Atlas mountains, and who knows where else. Craig: "I have never stepped foot on a motorbike in my life, there is a strong possibility I won't make it back in one piece... but that's all part of the fun. Right? As it's all for a good cause and in an effort to help save the planet for the future, I'd say it's worth it." Sam: "Surely the best way for us to spend our New Year this year is in the middle of a desert mentally steeling ourselves for a trip of a lifetime. With the Amazon burning and the glaciers melting I can't think of a better charity to support whilst doing this. I'd like to think that we can leave the Earth in a condition that's good enough for others to have their own adventures in the future!" All contributions large or small will be greatly appreciated, and we'll make sure we update you when (and if) we make it to the finish line.

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