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BnB 2019 Mongol Rally

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We are Team Beauty and the Breakdown, about to take part in the Mongol Rally, from Prague to Ulan Ude, Russia. Covering 10,000+ miles, over one third of the earth- crossing seas, navigating deserts, and scaling mountains. Our journey will start in the UK, through Mongolia with the finish line in Ulan-Ude, Siberia. There is no set route and no backup. It’s an adventure of finding your way and accepting the kindness of strangers along the winding roads. The Mongol Rally isn't just one of the greatest adventures out there, it's also set out to make the world a better place! Help up to raise funds for Cool Earth!

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With the UN Climate Report, it has never been more important to support these efforts in restoring our planet, reducing carbon emissions and Cooling it down.

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