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Brian and Brian’s Wonder Cruise Fundraiser

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Ever wonder if you could contribute to something beautiful and incredibly stupid at the same time? Here's your chance.

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***NOTE: All donations go directly to the cool earth charity. None of this helps fund the trip itself- that's coming out of our own pocket***

Two valiant but foolish lads, each bearing the name Brian, plan to set out for a very large adventure in a very small car. Driving from Nowheresville, Czech Republic to Mongolia through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and any other 'stan' you can think of along the way.

The adventure is called the "Mongol Rally" (, and brave teams have been participating in this for years now. To help give back to the world, as this adventure does inspire a fair bit of car emissions, it only seemed fair to have each team raise money for a charity before gallivanting about the earth impractically sized vehicle.

So why Cool Earth?

Cool Earth stops deforestation in tropical regions by empowering local people to build strong communities through school construction and increasing incomes and access to healthcare. They have saved close to 1 million acres of rainforest by empowering just 118 villages to resist logging interests.

The world's rain forests have a quarter of the world's carbon, 20% of our oxygen, and one fifth of all freshwater. They are badass and worth saving. Only 24% of the world's rain forests are still intact.

Your love of earth and rain forests isn't enough reason to help give money? Well, how about some extra incentives.
<$20 - A completely personalized, painstakingly crafted and concise thank you note delivered via email.

$20 - Your name written on the back of our car in sharpie.

$50 - Your name, a sentence, or a small drawing in sharpie on the hood of our car.

$150 - Your name, company name, or catch phrase stenciled on our car.

$200 - Whatever you want on an entire door or rear fender (we only have 2 doors).

$250 - Trunk sponsorship (very important because our car is very fast at 86 horsepower). When we leave people in the dust they will know your name.

$300 - Personalized video update from deep Turkmenistan where we thank you while doing something heroic. And any of the above.

Thank you for your support and we hope you follow along on our journey!

Donations to Cool Earth Action USA (Inc) are tax-deductible in the US. Their EIN is 26-3688173.

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