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2041 has recently launched the ClimateForce campaign – a carbon reduction initiative aiming to reduce 360 million tonnes of carbon by 2025. ClimateForce will create a coalition demonstrably responsible for reducing 1% of global yearly emissions by on-boarding climate-positive organisations and counting partners’ CO2 captured/reduced towards the 360 million tonne goal. We believe counting organisations’ critical efforts towards a single quantifiable goal brings added value to all parties from public visibility, motivation, and fundraising perspective. Additionally, for partners whose CO2 capture model is scalable, ClimateForce will also achieve reductions through donations specifically tied to carbon reduction. We believe that Cool Earth’s efficacy in demonstrably capturing carbon through tropical conservation and its current strategic partnership expansion strategy makes it an ideal candidate for both of these elements of the ClimateForce Challenge. We believe that this partnership can bring both organisations closer to their mutual goals of protecting the environment and combatting climate change.

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