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Riding Through the Desert to Save the Rainforest!

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In October 2019 a few friends of noble character but perhaps questionable judgement will be riding tiny 50cc motorbikes (called Monkey Bikes) across the Moroccan Sahara Desert to 1) bring awareness and raise funds for saving the rain forest by 2) exploring one of the world's oldest, most fascinating cultures in the dumbest way possible. Never mind that riding across a desert has nothing to do with rain forests. Never mind that most of us don't actually know how to ride a motorcycle, let alone in sand. Never mind that we don't speak Arabic & only 1 of us speaks French so communicating to ask strangers for help with our broken motorcycles could be difficult. Never mind that riding a motorcycle that seems to be built for an 8 year old for hours each day on road-like surfaces will be about THE most uncomfortable way to travel across Morocco. Pain and humiliation are temporary. But RAIN FORESTS are forever! Or so they need to be! Our team, dubiously named Furious George, is raising money for Cool Earth, a nonprofit that works with local communities in Africa, Oceana, and South America to put control of rain forest rights back into the hands of the local communities that depend on them most. This is especially crucial right now as Brazil's Amazon rain forest fires are up 84% this year. We ALL depend on the rain forest in ways we don't often see or think about. Check out Cool Earth (or Cool Earth Action, USA) for more info on their projects and impact. They aren't rated in Charity Navigator as they don't take in over one million dollars in revenue, but some quick research shows they are on the up and up. I know there are many, many worthy causes to contribute money to so thank you for considering this as a potential donation for your hard earned money.

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