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Mongol Rally 2019 – Jana and Dave Team: One last blast

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We have been travelling around the world for the last 8 months and have visited many spectacular parts of the world. Before we end our adventures and go back to work and life in London, we are going on one last blast - The 2019 Mongol Rally!! We are driving from London to Russia via Mongolia which is approximately 10 000 miles. Taking in the mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia, we will have no backup or set route and will do it in a 2008 Nissan Micra with a 1.2L engine. As part of our adventure we are raising money for Cool Earth, a charity which works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.

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We will begin our adventure on the 19th of July in London and make our way to Prague for the 22nd of July, where the 250+ teams will cross the official start line. From there, all bets are off and who knows how long it will take, or if our car will make it to the finish line in Ulan Ude, Russia. We hope to finish somewhere between the 14th of August and the 16th of September. It all depends how many times we break down along the way.

As we will be self funding the trip, all the money we raise through sponsorship and fundraising will go directly to Cool Earth.

In exchange for sponsoring us, we are offering you the chance to feel warm and fuzzy by saving a gorrilla and also to laugh at Dave as he pushes our car across the desert - likely to be somewhere in Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan or another nation ending in stan (but don't worry Dad, not Afghanistan). We will document our adventure in a blog and on social media with updates along the way.

We are offering up our car as a moving advertisement! So if you are a business, organisation or person, who would like some exposure in England, Europe, Central Asia and Russia we would be happy to advertise on your behalf. Just send us a sticker, flag, T-shirt, embroidered man-kini etc. Apart from the large rally sticker on the front of the car we have lots of space and Dave will need plenty of T-shirts to maximise hygiene standards! As you can imagine the rally attracts a lot of attention from curious locals on the way round!!

If you still need convincing that climate change is not fake news... watch Our Planet, a fantastic albeit very sobering Netflix series narrated by David Attenborough. We have been fortunate to witness so many incredible natural wonders on our travels and this is a nice opportunity to try to give back to efforts to help preserve these habitats for future generations.

We think we may be the least prepared team, having entered the rally after the cut off date, 5 weeks before the start and only arriving back in the UK last week. Undeterred, we figure it is pretty simple, buy car, get visa and drive car. The rest we can surely work out on the way… The only problem with this approach is that there is little time for fundraising and sponsorship. Therefore, we are extra grateful for your support at short notice to help us meet our goal.

Thanks for your support!!

Jana and Dave

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