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Kooks and Loons Rally for Cool Earth

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Team “Kooks and Loons” are seriously taking ourselves out of our comfort zones and rallying for Cool Earth. Our rainforests are home to over 6 million species and preserving our rainforests is the most effective and cheapest way to mitigate climate change. We're targeting a $2,000 raise for Cool Earth. All donations via this page will go straight to both charities.  We’re driving almost 10,000km in a tiny 1.2L shitbox that we spent $1,200 on.  No GPS, no little luxuries, potentially no showers.. we’re even committing to buying a cassette tape from each country as our only source of car entertainment. To prepare for the rally, we are: 1. Learning how to drive manual cars 2. Learning how to change tyres 3. Learning how to set camp in the middle of nowhere 4. Learning to tolerate each other in a confined clown car 5. Learning when to NOT bribe officials to get out of tricky situations 6. Learning when to bribe officials to get out of tricky situations 7. Learning how to siphon gas 8. Learning car mechanics  9. Learning how to fend off wild animals  10. And learning a little more about the cultures and history of each country that we cross. We may also take dares for donations: $50 - Matt will eat goat testicles  $50 - Linh will try tame a wild yak $50 - Jenny will ride the wild yak $50 - Sam will wear Borat costumes through Kazakhstan We’re also carrying our camera gear for those picture perfect landscape shots and will be photo blogging along the way (if we manage to find internet). If we manage to take some decent photos, we’ll hold an exhibition after and auction prints for charity (website is WIP).  Please help save our rainforests (not only because it is the right thing to do) but also so David Attenborough can continue to make sick-as documentaries.  We cannot thank you more for your support and will be forever appreciative ? it really means a lot to us!  England —> Czech Republic —> Turkey —> Georgia --> Azerbaijan —> Turkmenistan —> Uzbekistan —> Kazakhstan —> Russia --> Mongolia —> Russia

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