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This September, I will join a team of lunatics embarking on the red-headed step-brother of all adventures when we each drive a Monkey Bike through Peru, from the Amazon River Basin to the top of the Andes. 500+ miles, no route, mounted on a gloriously insufficient mode of transport. Why, you ask? To do nothing less than save the world. How? Two ways: 1.) This charity. Your support will go directly to Cool Earth, an awesome fund that helps to restore the rain forest - one of the world's best methods to capture carbon. In fact, Cool Earth's contributions have captured more than 230,000,000 tons of carbon. That's a super good thing as carbon is causing climate change. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our species. It is something to take deadly serious. 2.) Exposure and experience. We've been taught to have plans for our plans, to follow rules, and to structure our lives to encourage safety and stability. That sucks. There's a lot of learning and life we're missing out there. This utterly absurd adventure is a little fertilizer for that learning. We will be out there, in one of the wildest places on the planet, with the people living amongst the destruction of the rain forest. And when we get back, we will have stories to tell, ideas to explore, and the seeds of action. So, take a minute, click the link, and lend whatever you can. Nothing goes to me. It all goes to the stopping the destruction of what could be our best chance to save the world.

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