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Fuel our Rickshaw run for a ‘Cool Earth’!!

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Connected by a whim to do something ridiculous Blake, Connie and Sachin have signed off their lives to ‘Rickshaw Run’. The least sensible thing to do with two weeks, they will be driving (at times pushing) their rickshaw aka tuk-tuk aka flimsy canopy on three wheels from Rajasthan in northern India to Kerala in the south. Over two weeks they will probably end up somewhere without a road, swear not to eat that thing again, sleep at a stranger’s house, accidentally cross into Pakistan (okay…may be not), give a ride to someone to their school, walk for hours to find a mechanic and tackle other ridiculous things that come their way. Why? Other than feeling an accomplishment of doing something utterly avoidable, nonsense and crazy, they would like to raise money for ‘cool earth’, to help protect rain forests across the world. (Image courtesy: Shawn Forno)

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