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Dylan’s Monkey Run

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Help me raise money for Cool Earth while I ride from Atalaya to Ayacucho on a childrens motorcycle! This September, I am undertaking an epic 1200km journey through Peru, climbing 14,000ft up and over the Andes mountain range and crashing through 100's of Kilometers of the Amazon rain forest, mostly riding on dirt roads. All of this is done on an entirely useless, impractical Monkey Bike. "The Monkey Bike is a diminutive bundle of joy! What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in unadulterated pleasure. It's close to the ground, so you don't have far to fall. It's about the size of a rollerskate, so it will fit through tiny gaps in traffic. It's incredibly light, so when it inevitably breaks down, it's easy to carry, and it's mechanically basic, so a chimp could fix it." Why? To raise money for charity of course! *All Money raised goes to charity, the cost of this trip is paid BY ME*

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**None of the money raised helps fund my adventure!**

All of it goes directly to Cool Earth. The monkey run is a great opportunity to promote the mission of Cool Earth - fighting against deforestation in places like Peru.

What they do differently, is donate directly to affected villages, empowering them to make a stand against it.

-Cool Earth is one of three bodies supporting The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, a project launched in 2015 to preserve and promote forested areas throughout the Commonwealth.

- Charity of the Year award in 2015, and have Sir David Attenborough among it's backers.

...and cost effective:

"In 2016, a detailed external evaluation of Cool Earth was undertaken by "Giving What We Can," which found Cool Earth to be the most cost-effective charity working on mitigating climate change through direct action. The report concluded: "Cool Earth is overall the most cost-effective climate change charity which can reliably reduce emissions without risk." Less then 10% of money donated and raised by Cool Earth goes towards admin fees and costs. You can rest easy knowing that every contribution goes direct to helping some of the people that need it most.

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