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Mystery Machine in India – Rickshaw Run 2019

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Tweedledee and Tweedledum aka, Nick and Corlene Banyard are setting off to India to travel from Fort Kochi, Kerala to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Basically the south of India, all along the west coast up to almost the Pakistani border in what we would call a glorified lawnmower! It doesn't go very fast, it doesn't brake very well, the parts (like the engine) fall off! As part of our participation, we call upon our greatest and dearest friends to help raise some $$$ for the CoolEarth Foundation. They are doing some top notch things to help with the environment! Please help them, and us out! And we will repay you by trying really really hard to come BACK ALIVE!! Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection, that’s why they are the forest’s best possible custodians. All Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led. By developing local livelihoods, their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities. Follow this link to find out more about what the Rickshaw Run in India is: Here are some lovely rickshaw stats: Engine: 2 stroke, single cylinder, forced air cooled Power: 7 HP at 5000 rpm (equiv. 1 family dog) Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse Fuel Capacity: 8 ltr + 1.4 reserve Top Speed: 55kmph (downhill) Engine Size: 145.45cc System Voltage: 12V , DC PS: We will accept the challenge of completing dares on our trip for donations over R1000! (If they are not life-threatening, this adventure is dangerous enough) Yes, we will face the fastest bowler we can find... Yes, we will eat the HOTTEST curry we can find...!

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