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The Sons of Reasonable Regulations Destroy Peru

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We are six Anderson brothers plus a couple adopted Sons, and we are going to ride children's motorbikes through the jungles and mountains of Peru. We are not the Sons of Anarchy. Anarchy is a bad idea. But you know what's a good idea? Raising money to save the planet. So while we're wrecking Peru on these tiny monkey bikes, we'll also fundraise on behalf of Earth. Are we single-handedly saving the planet? We're not saying that. You can say that if you want, but we're not saying that. It's a requirement, actually, if you want to do this Monkey Run thing. You gotta save the planet a little. So here we are, asking you to donate to the cause. Just throw in a few bucks, ok? I did it for you when your aunt had that fundraiser because her body rejected the breast implants she got in a Cambodian alley way. This cause is at least as worthy as that one.

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