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Support the Desperabros in a race across India while saving the world

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Hi everyone! This coming January, two and a half Danes will be competing in the annual Indian Rickshaw run, racing from Jaisalmer 3000km south to Cochin. While it is a race for pride and victory, it is also a race for charity, and therefore, we need your help! Each team competing is tasked with raising 1000 Pounds for Cool Earth, an environmental charity that partners with rainforest rest communities to not only halt deforestation and climate change, but also empower the local communities and better their livelihood. So please note! All the fundings are donated directly to CoolEarth through this site.

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Meet the team:
Oscar "Eckherdt" Felfel
Oscar is 22 years old, born and raised in Copenhagen. I had the pleasure of meeting these two good lads at our school, where days go by in humid classrooms trying to become a better version of ourselves. So we thought, what would be a better idea than rushing through India in an old scrap box on wheels, while also providing funding to a good cause, becoming better versions of ourselves. Simply just in the greatest way possible with a few good desperabros.

Karl Emil Thulstrup
Karl (and Emil) is born and raised in a hot mix of the Danish cities of Roskilde and Copenhagen. He is perhaps the oldest looking 21-year-old you'll ever see, which might be explained by his favorite meal, which is adrenaline complemented with a few desperados beers. He draws from experience from learning how to drive a motorbike in Vietnam where he drove over 3000 km. on the cheapest copy Honda he could find. Although he has been warned uncountable times that he might return with only one eye, his hunger for a meal of adventure and adrenaline is way larger than his fear of becoming a Danish pirate (Which I guess is a Viking???).

Kristian Olsen
Kristian is 21 years old from Philadelphia, he makes up the final half danish Desperabro as he has been blessed with the danish roots and passport. When he is not hard at work studying or planning for the RR India, he is a known purebred beer pong athlete. His goal is not only to win the Rickshaw Run but to bring beer pong to India. What better way to start such a noble grassroots movement then travelling through the country in a glorified lawnmower.

So what are we really going to India for?
"Imagine yourself and a couple of mates squashed into a 1 donkey power rolling cake tin, desperately trying to traverse 3000km of Indian sub-continent. There’s no set route, no back-up and no way of knowing if you’re going to make it. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down. This then is the Rickshaw Run. Easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks."

Whilst the minimum we need to raise for this race is 500, we have our eyes set on doubling the goal and bringing in as much money possible for Cool Earth. Today more than ever there is such a dire need for more organizations like Cool Earth do be fighting the good fight, with all that is going on in the Amazon these days. And that is why we need your help to achieve this goal of ours!

If you still aren't quite convinced to help us meet and exceed our fundraising goal just take some advice from the one and only Sir David Attenborough:
"Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives.”

Perhaps the best part is that we are literally willing to sell our souls to make this happen. What does that mean you ask? We are going to be rewarding our top donors with the ability to either completely embarrass us across India or promote whatever they want on our Rickshaw. This means you can get your name, Instagram, a quote, a bumper sticker, literally anything you want drawn on our rickshaw. We have broken it into 3 tiers for you to motivate you to help us on our journey. The more you donate the bigger and better the location you will get.
1) Desperabro Acquaintance 5-25 GBP
2) Desperabro Bruv Bruv 25-49.99
3) Honorary Desperabro 50+

Besides that, each Desperabro Acquaintance will get a shoutout in an Instagram video on our Rickshaw Run dedicated Instagram to be announced ASAP.

Each Desperabro Bruv Bruv shall receive a hand written post card from one of our greatest locations.

And at last, each Honorary Desperabro shall receive a handpicked souvenir chosen specifically by yours truly. <3

Thanks in advance for helping us meet our goal and hopefully cross the finish line!!



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