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We are setting out on the adventure of a lifetime and are asking for your support! We will be riding a Honda Monkey bike throughout Peru, seeking to discover all the amazing terrain this place has to offer! During our adventure, we will spend a significant amount of time in the amazonian rainforest. Part of this adventure includes contributing in our own ways to the preservation and sustainable cultivation of the amazon, which is why we are asking friends and family to contribute to our goal of raising money for the charity Cool Earth and help us make a meaningful impact in Peru.

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Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that not only saves hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest, but they do so by empowering and strengthening the communities who live there. Cool Earth puts the money raised into the communities as a means for them to protect themselves and their home. Each $600 donation can protect over 8 acres of at-risk rainforest from the threats of nasty loggers and those equally pesky drug cartels. A $1200 donation can enable a village to build, stock and maintain a sustainable fish pond, providing protein for the village and reducing the impact that people have on the rainforest. We are beyond excited to go on this adventure and do our part to help protect the Earth we call home. We appreciate everyone willing to help us on our journey! Love, peace and happiness to you all!

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