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Thanks for taking the time to visit my charity page. You're probably asking what the hell is this all about?! Look below and let me explain.....

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The What: 
Well simply put we (a group of uni friends) will be travelling 16,000 km across 2/3 of the earth as glorified garbage men. Trying to collect all the rubbish (mostly plastic) we find along our good garbage men do. 

As you can imagine we will be needing to transport some serious rubbish but at the same time, we cannot ignore our carbon footprint.  Therefore, our vehicle of choice must be compact, economical and with the carbon footprint of a child's shoe.

So out go the campervans, convertible sports cars and all-terrain 4x4s. Instead, we will be doing 16,000 km in an eco-friendly 1.0 (maybe 1.1) litre car; built with the most basic specs only fools and eco-warriors could love. This little beauty will have a motor best described as a blender attached to four wheels. 

The When and the Where: 
We will be embarking on our mission on 18th July 2020. Starting from the Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom, hopefully before we get kicked out of the EU and end in Mongolia (somewhere) roughly 8 weeks later. 

We will have no specific route, no mechanical tools for the car which is fine as we also don't really have any mechanical skills either. We will be mainly relying on the goodwill and help of everyone we meet along the way... So it is anyone's guess where we will end up. 

The Why: 
This is a good question; firstly, because rubbish is one thing you can't take too much home with you. So drawing attention to how easy this is even when you are travelling on a 16,000 km using a blender seems like a good metaphor.  

Secondly, because the world is, unfortunately, becoming a boring place. Where people worry too much about pointless things, like what happens ifthe wheels to my mini- blender come off while I am in the middle of a desert! Rather than what can be done to stop the world become a desert!

This leads me to our final point; because pain and comical suffering is always a great way to raise a nice buddle of cash to help charities like 'Cool Earth' make a difference in the war against global warming. What more reasons do we need? 

The Scary Bit:
We understand are deliberately driving a vehicle totally unsuitable for the task at hand. As much as this may sound like a jolly for us to cross the world. It is going to be a real challenge, we have no support during the journey whatsoever.

That means no breakdown service(which we will be doing, a lot)... After all, Mongolian roads are not really known for their construction quality nor are the road users known for following any type of highway code.  

What happens to my cash? You aren't gonna just get drunk on it are you?: Hell no; any money donated will go straight to the charity CoolEarth (hence this donate page). None of it will be used to pay for our trip, flights or anything we do along the way. We pay for everything ourselves.

This page is all about collecting for"Cool Earth", a charity aimed at saving our rainforests because the world would be a bit rubbish without them. More details on Cool Earth can be found on their website here.

Thanks for any donations you can give and good work for making it this far down our speech. 


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