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Haemophiliac on the Timberline Trail

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In late September I will be hiking 61.6km (38.3mi) around the tallest volcano (/mountain) in Oregon, Mt.Hood! The elevation gain is 9000 feet, despite circumnavigating a (semi-) dormant volcano, the trail sees plenty of elevation change as one climbs up and down canyons etc. Haemophiliacs sometimes like to push their boundaries, like all people. This will be one of those experiences for me. Things don't always go as planned on the trail, so in a counter-intuitive way I'm at an advantage here relative to most hikers - in that I need to plan for giving myself intravenous injections on the trail, if you can do that, you're ready for most things. I'm hoping people consider this to be at least a modest task and recognize that all funds raised will be going to Cool Earth to help mitigate the destruction of precious rainforest in South America, Africa and the Pacific. We want to raise a considerable quantity of money to help preserve the biodiversity of the rainforest and ensure the autonomy of the indigenous by providing long term alternatives to practices such as slashing and burning.

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