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Help John, Ben and James save the Amazon rainforest

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In October 2019, we're heading over to Morocco to race tiny 50cc motorbikes across the desert - for charity. The most unsuitable bike in the most unsuitable terrain. For most, idiotic. For people like us who love adventure... BLISS. All money raised goes direct to Cool Earth and the Amazon Rainforest. Please donate and help us keep the "lungs of earth" alive.

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Fires burning, record heatwaves and severe drought; the current rate of deforestation is forcing rainforest towards a tipping point.

If the destruction continues, there’s a high risk that there won’t be enough trees cycling water and the Amazon region will eventually degrade into savannah.

Rainforest is undeniably our greatest safety net against catastrophic climate change.

With that in mind, we've decided to raise money for the Amazon with a motorbike race across the desert.

Our goal is to raise at least £3000 (£1k each) . That's about $3,600 USD or $5,300 AUD.

If you want to prevent climate change, protect the rainforest and keep the "lungs of earth" alive, please donate.

All donations go direct to Cool Earth and the Amazon rainforest.

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