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Ghengis Khanuck and the Eh’ Team

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Originally born for the 2009 Mongol Rally by Sean Rogers and Marc Carey, these intrepid explorers somehow managed to drag their 1999 Suzuki Kei from London to Ulanbataar. Now, a decade later, the Eh’ Team banner flies again, carried aloft by Noah Rogers and Jackson Washington, intent on keeping the family traditions alive. In 2001, two mighty adventurers attempted to cross from London to Mongolia by automobile. They didn’t make it, but the idea of their first adventure, the Mongol Rally was born. The first official rally started with 6 teams, and a grand total of 4 teams of intrepid travelers trundled into the Mongolian capital nearly 6 weeks later. Despite arrests, bandit chases, deportations and more, The Adventurists have grown to 12 insane adventures spanning over 25 countries across the globe. With no set route, no support and no guarantee of making it to the finish line, the only certainty is that you WILL get lost and you WILL break down. Taking across the world in a glorified lawnmower, the Rickshaw Run sends teams careening across their choice of India, Sri Lanka, or the indomitable Himalayas. On roads that at some points do not even exist, in vehicles that are slow, smelly, hot, and unsafe, the Rickshaw Run is quite possibly the wildest adventure you can fit into two weeks. Genghis Khanuck and the Eh’ Team need your support. First and foremost, the Rickshaw Run is a race for charity. This year’s charity is Cool Earth, and organization dedication to preserving rainforests around the world, through both hands-on initiatives and programs in partnership with the local indigenous communities. All teams must raise a minimum of $500 for Cool Earth. We have set a goal of $1000 for Cool Earth, and any additional money raised will be donated, as well as any gear and equipment purchased for the race.

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Just a couple of unprepared peasants riding across India on a woefully inadequate machine and helping save the rainforest along the way. India Rickshaw Run 2020.

Genghis Khanuck and the Eh' Team need your support. First and foremost the Rickshaw Run is a race for charity. Any person or organization who wishes to donate directly to the charity can make a donation through the web at our donation site.

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