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Joe, Kathyrn and Kate are competing in the Rickshaw Run 2020 in India. We are driving a 3 wheeled thingamajiggy 2500 km from Jaisalmer to Kochi, India in January over some amazingly scary, terrifying, panty staining terrain. We need your HELP!!! The adventurists ask that all teams find a cause that we can donate to, something we feel pretty serious about...we picked Cool Earth because without Rain Forests we will run out of clean air, plant medicines, the loss of rare animals and indigenous Indian tribes. So please get out your wallets and donate to our cause, make us proud, give us some hope and cheer us on!

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Don't be shy, this is my world, your world, the future generations world. Donate, share this with your friends and family and hunt them down and shake out their pockets, rummage through your laundry bins for change, take your friends empty (or full) tequila bottles to the recycler, set up a lemon-aid stand, donate your body to science...whatever it takes...donate.

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