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As many of you know, I like to go on wild adventures. Random road trip to Canada? Sure. Buy a last minute flight to Spain? Why not. Drive across India with two of your best friends in a motorized rickshaw that will break down in a country you don't speak the language? Absolutely. And in January of 2020 I will be doing just that. What does this have to do with saving the rainforests? I'm not really sure. But do we really need a good enough excuse to save our planet? The awesome group organizing these insane voyages such as the one in India is called The Adventurists and they use it as a platform to preserve the Earth so that we can continue to explore it. As part of the adventure, my team Pabst Blue Rickshaw has pledged to raise 1000 pounds (they're British) to help community run programs to prevent deforestation in areas that diminish the standard of living for those who already have so little. Most of these people will never get to see the world, the least we can do is help preserve the one they live in.

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