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The Monkey Run Morocco 2020

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Imagine being dropped off in the (at their highest), 13,000 feet Atlas Mountains in Morocco, with a motor bike built in the 1960's for a child and left to your own devices to find your own way back to Marrakesh in 7 days. No back up; no support vehicles, no communications. Nothing, Not even the option to ‘phone-a-friend’. Just me; my wits and the most ridiculous bike ever. Why?: Well, that’s why they call it an adventure! You can check out The Monkey Run in more details here:

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Hi, I'm Stephen Ferguson and as a card carrying member of the 'couch-potato' society, I decided as I turn 57 years young this year, it was time to go have an adventure.

And since it seems a bit selfish for me to have all the fun, I thought others should benefit from this genuinely dangerous little excursion which is why I'm fundraising for CoolEarth.

I am so impressed with CoolEarth's model for conservation, working with local people to help them sustain their own way of life and saving rainforest at the same time.

If you want to follow my adventure I'm going to be setting up a blog so you can see what I'm up to ( )

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