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Please support us in saving the rainforest. The Amazon rainforest was formed about 55 million years ago and it's estimated the Amazon basin is home to approximately 390 billion trees. While the rainforest might seem a world away to most of us it is home to 1/5 of all freshwater on the earth, produces 20% of the atmosphere's oxygen, and has over 6 million different species wandering under its vast canopies. Without a mostly intact Amazon basin with it's regenerative qualities for oxygen, fresh waters, and medicine producing plants the world we live in would be a much different place. We, humans, humanity, are currently the biggest threat to the survival of the world's rainforests. We burn over 78 million acres per year and more than 50% of the is already gone. By linking villages together, Coolearth is shielding millions of acres of neighbouring forest from loggers. Having examined more than one hundred organisations the leading charity advisor Giving What We Can concluded that: "Cool Earth is the most cost-effective charity we have identified to date which works on mitigating climate change through direct action" Please consider a donation in any amount to preserve the rainforest. Thanks for your help!

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