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Rickshaw Run Rumour

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One blonde, one ginger, a race against spontaneous combustion. What started as some wishful thinking and friendly banter about our pigmentation disability in the sun, the Rickshaw Run Rumour was born. Jump forward a few months, a lot of coffee and some type 2 adventures later and we took the first steps in what will inevitably be a very entertaining adventure. The Sri Lanka Rickshaw Run driving race consists of the two of us starting with many other adventurists somewhere in Sri Lanka and finishing somewhere else in Sri Lanka. Sounds easy right? Have you seen a Rickshaw? It is a three wheeled motorbike with a shed built on to the top. It won’t be comfy, definitely won’t be quick, and considering some of the roads out there look like you should be driving it in a Landy, it will not be easy. Like many others, we want to see as much of the world as we can, but we know that our desire to adventure will have an environmental impact. To do our bit to counteract this, we shall be undertaking this challenge to raise awareness of the Cool Earth Project and fundraise for its worthy causes. For more information check out the webite: This challenge will test the Rickshaw, our sun tolerance, driving skills and patience. It will also be full of giggles, smiles and incredible memories. Follow us on our blog at:

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