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Crossing India with a Rickshaw for Cool Earth

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our trip is postponed but not cancelled, we wait for the world to get less hectic, to open his borders and hopefully we will be on the road at the end of March 2021. Here we are, two friends on a mission, hungry for adventure! Reuben, Maartje and a Rickshaw VS 3500 km of Indian madness, fighting to make the world less boring and doing something good for our planet at the same time. Here is a little introduction and some funny facts about your Rickshaw drivers: Reuben Neathercote, 31 years young, from Australia. Likes to drive off-road with every vehicle he drives in, loves his garlic, feels comfy if he snores, a bit shy around strangers, zero mechanical knowledge, likes a good dress up, never says no to beer. Maartje Trip, 34 years young, from The Netherlands. Can’t read maps, needs 1 square meter to get lost, night blind, can’t really eat spicy food, afraid of big vehicles, zero mechanical knowledge, good at making local friends, can’t resist a party. For more information about our charity (Cool Earth and Sea Shepherd) and our project, please push the READ MORE button below or follow us on Facebook: Off The Hook Rickshaw Run or Instagram: offthehook_rickshaw_run Love Reuben and Maartje

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Our trip is postponed but not cancelled, we wait for the world to get less hectic, to open his borders and hopefully we will be on the road at the end of March 2021.

What are we actually up to… here are some interesting facts, you might like to know:

Team: Off The Hook
What: Driving from South to North through India.
How: Like the locals, in a Rickshaw aka 3 wheels of disaster
Where: Somewhere in India, Route unknown
Why: For the sake of adventure and to raise money for charity (Sea Shepherd and Cool Earth)
Distance: About 3500km, more if we get lost, which I guarantee we do.
Within: 14 glorious days
When: 5th of April 2020 – 18th of April 2020
With: The Adventurist, who is only organising our Rickshaw and offers zero support along the way


Cool Earth:

Cool earth is a non-profit organisation based in the UK who works alongside indigenous communities to stop rainforest destruction. In 2018 over 12 million (the size of Belgium) trees were cut down. Local people lose the most from deforestation but gain the most from its protection. Cool Earth protects ecosystems and provides employment for local people. Protecting the rainforest is one of the most effective actions we can take to tackle climate breakdown.

Sea Shepherd:

Sea Shepherd has been using direct action to stop illegal whale poachers around the world since 1979. From the gentle Giants of the sea to its smallest creatures, Sea Shepherd's mission is to protect all marine life species living in our oceans. Their campaigns have defended whales, Dolphins, seals, sharks, penguins, turtles, fish, krill and aquatic birds from poaching, unsustainable fishing, habitat destruction, and exploitive captivity. Sea Shepherd is a grassroots movement run almost entirely by dedicated, passionate volunteers, not a bureaucratic organization with corporate offices and a well-staffed fundraising department, they put all of their resources - time and money into their direct action campaigns, not into billboards and fancy office stationary.

Every donation will make the world a better place.

You can follow us and our Indian adventure here:

Facebook: Off The Hook Rickshaw Run
Instagram: offthehook_rickshaw_run

We would be stoked to hear from you,
Love Reuben and Maartje

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