Adam, John and Ryans Indian Rickshaw Run Extravaganza!

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So to put it simply; Adam John and Ryan will be embarking on a two and a half week (3000 km) extreme adventure across the whole of India in a vehicle resembling a prototype lawnmower. There is no set route, no rules and no worries which will definitely land us in a few sticky spots but will also be a great deal of fun and not something we will forget in a hurry! We realise the environmental impact of our adventure so we have decided to start this fundraiser to raise money for Cool Earth. Cool Earth are a UK based organisation that protects endangered rainforests in order to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and to provide employment for local people. The organisation receives its income through trust funds and individual contributions in order to secure specific tracts of endangered rainforest. Everything in regards to travel has already been paid for by us so everything you donate will go directly to Cool Earth. Thanks very much! Adam, John and Ryan.

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