Mongol Rally 2020 – SpAM, Pug and the Mystery Machine

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We are ​a group of 7 adventurous but misguided engineers taking on the Greatest Adventure on the Planet: The Mongol Rally. 10,000 miles with nothing but 3 bangers and our wits, what could go wrong! And now you're wondering.. "Why? Why the [email protected]$k would anyone do this?" For charity of course! (and "fun")

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We are very aware of our privilege due to circumstance and believe that with that comes the responsibility of being self-aware and informed on where we can use this to help others. Cool Earth and the Mongol Rally allows us to do that. By utilising our skills in terms of engineering and love for cars we are able to use the global platform that is the internet to raise awareness and fundraise to assist those who are suffering due to deforestation, most likely through the use of machines people like us have designed.

Our planet is suffering in more ways than one, but with a reduction in deforestation not only will it help the people this puts in poverty but our world as a whole.

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