Help me educate some kids and save a piece of their rainforest habitat!

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Me, my brother and some cool friends are riding mighty yet diminutive 50cc child size motorcycles across the African country of Morocco! My goal is to use no map... only my marginal sense of direction, and get across a desert wasteland and over big boy mountains with no support, and only our wits to guide us. We will endure 8 days of magical, blissful, low speed travel on a childs playtoy. Why are we doing this? 1. because we are each working with a little less than a full deck. 2. because we want to raise a little money for a good cause! Please help make this crazy trip be of some lasting value to a family in need. Thanks for anything you can donate to the worthy "cool earth" cause.

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My travels have taught me that the few dollars we can easily spare, can make a huge difference for people in certain places in the world. If you cant join me on the trip.. please join me in helping improve the world a little. Thanks!

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