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During the summer of 2020, three young Danish men will be participating in the Mongol Rally to save the rainforest! The rally kicks off in Prague, Czech Republic and runs all the way to Ulan Ude, Russia. The route taken is determined by the contestants themselves! We will be driving on behalf of Cool Earth which is an organisation that globally helps communities living in and around the rainforest, protect their green surroundings. We believe that with deforestation running rampant and negatively impacting "the world's lungs", this is one of the most pressing issues in relation to not only our atmosphere but also wildlife.

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Over the course of seven weeks we will be driving through a planned 20 countries, seeing and experiencing what they all have to offer, from the beaches of Croatia to the alien landscapes of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan and many more.

We want people to feel like they are taking part in this journey with us, therefore, we have decided anyone that donates £10 or more, will get their name placed on the car.

We will also have a Spotify playlist that can be followed, so you can listen to what we are listening to, while driving across the world. It can be found here:

We have an Instagram account where we will be posting before the rally and during the rally. It can be found here:

We hope you would like to support the rainforest, while following three young men travel across the world in a run-down car!

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