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I will be setting off to Africa to the beautiful country of Morocco. There I will take the reins of my noble steed affectionately referred to as a "monkey bike". Why? To defy the odds. See the sights. Finally answer the age old question of “How many kicks starts does it take to get to Marrakech?!” We arrive, knowingly get toted 350 miles away from civilization, and take it upon ourselves to make it back to Marrakech by any and all means necessary in 7 days. Monkey bike or bust, eat my dust. For those that are in disbelief, find a couple more facts here- For the rest that wish to save me from never getting to do the Monkey Run, please click Donate ? Thank you for any and all support!!

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I've always dreamt of the rainforest, but have never been. Even if I never go, saving it for those who live there, and for all of us who rely on it is critical.
Thank you!!

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