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Mongol Rally 2020

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As well as being an incredibly stupid and dangerous activity, the Mongol Rally is also a charity fundraising event. One of the charities we will be raising money for is Cool Earth. Cool Earth aims to halt climate change by preventing tropical deforestation and degradation. It does this by working directly with communities and local NGOs to protect the forest surrounding them. Globally, it is helping to protect nearly 100,000 hectares of forest, which in turn is storing 16m tonnes of carbon. This is vitally important in our fight against climate change, given deforestation already accounts for more carbon emissions than the whole of the EU! On top of this, it helps preserve the 6m species that our rainforests house. For those who don't know what the Mongol Rally is, it is a 10,000 mile drive from London to Ulan Ude in Russia, taking any route you choose. We have chosen to go via Turkey, through the Stans, and then into Mongolia before (hopefully) reaching the finish line in Russia. And we'll be doing all of this, stupidly, in a 1.1L engine car which cost us £595...

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