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Dave Leach (a seasoned Rickshaw Rally Veteran), along with his brother and sister in law, Richard and Lesley, Rickshaw novices, will be taking part on the Sri Lankan Rickshaw Rally in October 2020. It will be, we are reliably informed, an adventure. Dave is planning an exciting scenic route, Richard wants to go via all the 5* beach resorts and Lesley just needs to know where she will be able to plug in her hair straighteners. Along the way, we would really like to do something useful, and raise some money for Cool Earth, a charity tat works with local people across the world to save the rain forests. We are funding our adventure entirely, so this is not a a ''please give me some money to pay for my flights for my brilliant holiday'' plea. All money donated will help to save the rain forests. So please consider giving whatever you can. Thanks.

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