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Mongol Rally 2020 – Saucepan Collective

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Chipping Norton to Ulan Ude (and back). 15000 miles, 10+ countries, two continents and a 20 year old car. Why not raise a bit of money to help save the planet while we're at it? Detailed info below!

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In July 2019, at a bar in Lindos, Greece, two naive teenagers (Joe, 19, and Oli, 19) discovered a corner of the internet describing an "Adventure Of A Lifetime" - the concept of buying an old, cheap, 1-litre car and driving it to Siberia with little regard for clear planning, support or comfort. Stupidly, that seemed like a good idea. Yet more stupidly, we followed that commitment up when sober. Now tickets have been bought, ferries booked, visas applied for and insurance purchased for the road trip of a lifetime - at least 10 countries, two continents, around 15000 miles all in a roughly 20 year old Nissan Micra.

We intend to take a fairly unconventional route through Scandinavia and via the Arctic Circle, continuing into Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, between July and September 2020.

Of course, with all this fun and joy it makes sense to do something good too, and that's why the rally rules include raising charity money! We've chosen to give all our raised money to Cool Earth, the partner charity of the rally and a wonderful group that raises money to protect endangered areas by working with local communities to encourage long term sustainable use. We feel this is an extremely important and current issue that will affect us, our community, and our families as we become adults and therefore want to do what we can to help.

It may seem stupid and hypocritical to be raising money for the environment by driving a car around the earth (to some extent it is), but to help put minds at rest Cool Earth is able to reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 1 tonne per $1.34 donated, which means our total environmental impact over the course of the trip should be covered in the first few pounds of fundraising - the rest goes to saving the planet!

We also want to stress that all money donated to this page goes directly to Cool Earth - this trip is expensive, but all costs will be covered by us separately!

That's all we have to say for now - if you're not already we have an Instagram page (@saucepancollective) for documenting our travels, and hope to put together a video of some of the highlights once we're home. Donations of all sizes are truly appreciated - just the price of a pint is a colossal help, and simply sharing with friends and family is invaluable in making sure we raise at least £1000 for this amazing charity.

Thank you!!

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