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What's a monkey bike? Why should you care? How can you help save rain forests?

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If you have talked with me lately, you are likely bored out of your gourd from hearing me go on about the monkey run. If you haven't talked with me lately ........ well, then ........

I will be riding 48 CCs of impractical nonsense on two wheels from the western Sahara through the Atlas mountains and screaming into a finish line somewhere in Marrakech. These silly little beasts have over 2 horsepower and can reach up to 50 kph break-neck speeds while going downhill (if there is a stiff tailwind) - of course, going off the side of the mountain and free falling will allow reaching terminal velocity (but I'm hoping that won't be necessary). You can read all about this mess here:

Why am I doing this? Likely just a (slightly past) midlife crisis; however, the official reason is to allow you to save the rain forests of the world! (Oh yes, go you!!)

So, just how will you save the rainforests? Well, ahem ....... MONEY. (Oh my, it is just that easy!!)

How this works:
1. You donate money using this website.
2. I risk life, limb and a miserable week crossing Morocco on a rolling P.O.S.
3. We give all the money to Cool Earth and they take it from there.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part ....... if you donate, I'm pretty sure it makes God happy because you are helping his creation (yes, you just might get to heaven after all).

And if you've read this far and still haven't donated ........ let me sweeten the deal. Everyone who donates will be entered into a draw for a set of Ginsu knives (or something of even less value that can be acquired at the local Value Village).

Go forward and make the world a better place! THANKS!

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