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Monkey Run Morocco

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Taking on mountains and deserts on a motorbike designed for a child is a recipe for disaster… Glorious, pant-wettingly brilliant destiny-shaped disaster. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of a monkey bike between your thighs as you thunder, slowly, along dusty tracks with no idea where you are. People will definitely laugh at you. But not to worry, you’ll be having too much fun to care. You’ll grin like an idiot. And probably cry a bit when it inevitably breaks down. This is The Monkey Run. A massive adventure on a tiny motorbike. Join likeminded fools cramming in two parties, a test driving day and 700km of overland chaos into a week that’ll feel more like a month.

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Thanks so much for making the effort to visit my fundraising page. I appreciate that you might not think that leaving my family for 10 days and crawling across the desert and over the mountains of Morocco on a tiny little bike doesn't sound much of a trial for a gobshite like me who loves a bit of hardship, and you'd be right! But come on people have a read of the great cause which 100% of your money will be going towards and give generously, it really is a great organisation who are doing really practical work to preserve some of the few patches of rainforest remaining in the world.

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