Sri Lankan Tuk Tuk Race 2020

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Please read on and scroll down on your mobile to donate to our campaign. Ghislaine Sweet and Craig Dick (aka team 'Rickshaw Astley') have signed up to take on Sri Lanka in a marginally glorified lawnmower in April 2020. We'll spend 2 weeks squashed into a Tuk Tuk, tackling 650km of precarious roads, wild elephants, rabid dogs, the Sri Lankan wilderness and each other. There’s no set route, no back-up and no way of knowing if we're going to make it. The only certainty is that we will get lost, we will get stuck and we will break down!

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We plan to drive a 3 wheeled, zero horsepower Tuk Tuk 650km, from Negombo to Talalla (via Kandy - basically taking the least direct route possible) to raise money for Cool Earth, the charity chosen by the event organisers.

To quote them: "That’s what we, in our obviously rather humble way, like to call saving the World. A bit."

Cool Earth forges partnerships with communities in the most endangered parts of the rainforest. They don't go in and buy the land or dictate how the money is spent. This means the communities can use the money to focus on what's best for them.

Your donation goes directly to this charity who are protecting more rainforest than the UN and all other nation states on earth. They are quite literally saving the world. Hats off to them.

**The site is set to GBP by the event organisers - this doesn't impact your ability to donate in AUD now :)**



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