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Support three idiots travelling through the roads and jungles of Sri Lanka to raise awareness (and some cash) for the charity Cool Earth!

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*** Rickshaw Race Postponed ***
Dear Everyone who has kindly sponsored us or was hoping to,
Unfortunately coronovirus has scuppered our adventure, however we we are not giving up that easily! We are re-arranging our plans and will let you know when we have everything finalised.
Thank you again for supporting us and this great charity.
Stay safe!
Anna, Emin and Sam

Anna, Emin and Samuel will be travelling to (after off-setting their carbon of course) the exciting and magical jungles of Sri Lanka, in order to compete in the RICKSHAW RUN 2020!

Driving a tiny metal can (with no doors!) powered by nothing more than a lawnmower engine, they will brave the elements, wildlife and roads in a race lasting 7 days, all whilst exploring the beauty of the country. There is no support team, no plan...and we don't even currently have a map.

Will Anna's infamously poor sense of direction get us into trouble? Will Samuel's adventurous nature be our downfall? Will Emin's ridiculous tendencies land us in sticky situations? The answer is...of course! And you can come along for the ride by tracking us and following our blog.

But this isn't just for the adventure, this is to raise some much needed money to save the rain forests! We are traveling to Sri Lanka to see the effects of deforestation and climate change for ourselves, and every penny raised will go to Cool Earth, who are a non-profit organisation working with communities in the very rain forests we're trying to protect.

So, if you have found yourself worrying about the rain forests and the climate recently (if you haven't, you should!), toss a coin or two to your friends, and help us and this great charity do something about it! And in the mean time, take bets on who is likely to drive off a cliff or be mauled by a leopard first...

Our team name is Bowzer, and the three of us and our Rickshaw will be pimped up, Mario Kart style (obviously).

Big love,


Ps please include your name if you donate, so we can thank you and also so we can know who to send updates to about our journey!

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