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In 2015 we took on one of the craziest adventures of our lives and drove 3,500 kilometers across India, from the Southern tip to the North Western desert in a jumped up lawnmower. Amazingly, we survived....but things are about to get a whole lot more dangerous!!

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We've signed up to go back to India, this time, on a trip that only the vetrans can enter and drive the same tin can rickshaws... but this time over the tallest mountain range in the world...THE HIMALAYAS.

Facing sub zero tempratures, unprecedented altitudes and roads normally traversed by only goats we're going where no man has (willingly) gone before.

Last time was a holiday, this time it's business.

We managed to raise over £1000 on the last trip and that involved sleeping on the beach so this time we're expecting people to dig deep because it's going to be a lot harder!

We're raising money for Cool Earth.

Cool Earth's vision is a world where tropical deforestation and degradation has no role in climate change.

Rainforest is our global safety net. Supporting local people to protect it is the smartest, most positive climate action there is.

We all rely on rainforests, no matter where we may be. Balancing the climate, protecting wildlife and supporting society; its importance cannot be understated.

Please help us and the world raise as much money as possible!

Thanks in advance,

Darren and James

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