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Team Pink Piña – Sri Lanka Rickshaw Run March 2020

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Taking on Sri Lanka in a Tuk Tuk. No set route. No backup. What could possibly go wrong? Click “Read More” below.

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Pete and Amy have decided to invite glorious mayhem into their lives by taking on Sri Lanka in a Rickshaw, otherwise known as a Tuk Tuk. What better way to take in all this amazing country has to offer than travelling around it in a 3 wheeled, 10 horsepower, glorified lawnmower. There is no set route. No backup. There will be breakdowns. There will be elephants. There will be tears (hopefully of joy). The ultimate adventure and all for a great cause – more on this below.

There will be a launch party in Negombo on the west coast and a finish line party on Talalla beach on the south coast 7 days later. Who knows what will happen in between, or where. We plan to cover as much ground as our trusty steed will allow, before it overheats.

We bagged a space on the trip at short notice, so we set off very soon! We launch from the start line on 29th March 2020 and we hope to reach the finish line on 4th April.

Amy’s passion for Pineapples (she has a tattoo to prove it) and our mutual interest in Piña Colada’s and the colour pink, led to Team Pink Piña. Naturally.

The important bit. We are doing this to raise money for an awesome charity, Cool Earth. Cool Earth work alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. They are the only charity working solely where the threat to the forest is greatest - the frontline of deforestation. Each of their partnerships form a shield to make the neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers, saving millions of acres of rainforest and therefore helping to save the planet. Plus, as Amy says, who doesn’t want to save Paddington Bear?

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